Prominent Political Figures from Las Vegas, Nevada: A Look at the Influential People Who Have Shaped the City

From Grant Sawyer to Paul Laxalt to Cameron Harris to Michael Green - learn about some of Las Vegas' most influential political figures who have left an indelible mark on Nevada's history.

Prominent Political Figures from Las Vegas, Nevada: A Look at the Influential People Who Have Shaped the City

Nevada has been home to many influential political figures throughout its history, and Las Vegas is no exception. From Grant Sawyer to Paul Laxalt, these individuals have left an indelible mark on the state and its people. Grant Sawyer was elected governor before his 40th birthday and campaigned for better control of the game and assured African-American voters that he was on their side. As governor, he supported the creation of the Gaming Commission and the Black Book, which excludes criminals and cheaters from casinos.

He also backed his regulators when Frank Sinatra violated his gaming license by hosting Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana at his hotel-casino. Sawyer promoted the creation of the Nevada Equal Rights Commission and pressured casino owners in defense of civil rights. Paul Laxalt, son of a Basque shepherd and a pension administrator, served as district attorney and lieutenant governor before defeating Sawyer in re-election. He facilitated Howard Hughes' access to gambling in Nevada, improving the reputation of the industry and the state, and encouraged donations from Hughes, which helped start medical school and the community college system.

Most importantly, he backed the Corporate Gaming Act, which made it easier for companies to buy or invest in Nevada casinos, in the hope that it would help drive out the mafia. During his two terms in the Senate, Laxalt became known not for his legislation or for his ambitious projects, but for being President Ronald Reagan's best friend. Cameron Harris' career in orthopedic surgery was strengthened after completing the clinical sports medicine rotation with the Raiders. UNLV researchers collaborated with local, state and federal authorities to find policy and research solutions to improve the safety of Nevada visitors.

Hotel design expert Glenn NP Nowak discussed the impact of Sphere technology on residential and Strip architecture, and how UNLV is preparing the next generation of creators. He also promoted the creation of the Office of Reclamation, and both his idea and this agency were crucial to building that large piece of concrete on the Colorado River that supplies water to southern Nevada and, therefore, makes it possible for Las Vegas to be as unlikely a place as it is. He played key roles in the construction of Basic Magnesium, the industrial plant that gave rise to Henderson, and in the Las Vegas Army Air Corps Artillery School, now Nellis Air Force Base. People interested in learning more about political figures from Las Vegas should contact political parties for more information.

The Nevada Republican Party is affiliated with the national Republican Party. Dr. Michael Green has taught U. S.

and Nevada government at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for more than 30 years. He believes that his time in office has enriched his teaching and that his knowledge of political science has improved his service. From Grant Sawyer to Michael Green, these prominent political figures from Las Vegas have all contributed to making it a vibrant city with a thriving economy. They have left an indelible mark on Nevada's history through their work in politics, business, education, healthcare, and more.