Exploring the Political Transformation of Las Vegas, Nevada

This article explores what has caused the shift from a Republican stronghold to a Democratic stronghold in Las Vegas over the past two decades. We will look at immigration, federal funds used effectively in Nevada, Yucca Mountain being blocked from becoming a nucle

Exploring the Political Transformation of Las Vegas, Nevada

In Clark County, Nevada, the last presidential election saw 7% of people voting for Democrats, 44.3% for the Republican Party, and the remaining 2% for other parties. Historically, the West was a Republican stronghold, but this has changed drastically in recent years. In this article, I will explore the forces that have transformed the political map in a series of columns called “The New West”.The Democratic Party has been able to capitalize on the influx of workers who have come to Nevada in search of a better life. David Wasserman, House of Representatives analyst for the nonpartisan political report Cook Political Report, noted that Democrats in the state Legislature have adopted a high-risk, high-reward strategy by reallocating seats in the state House of Representatives.

Despite the resorts of the Las Vegas Strip being full again, international travel and conferences have yet to recover and thousands of people are still out of work. The Las Vegas media market is currently filled with publicity for the House of Representatives elections and three state races, including the battle for Secretary of State. At an event aimed at small business owners, Joseph Lombardo, the Las Vegas area sheriff running for governor, shared the stage with Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina and ambassador to the United Nations. In Clark County, Nevada 53.7% of people voted for Democrats in the last presidential election, 44.3% voted for Republicans and 2% voted for Independents. Jennifer Medina is a national politics reporter covering political attitudes and power with a focus on the West. Clark County is a major Democratic stronghold due to its size and strong Democratic margins. This book examines how sociocultural, demographic, economic and political differences between Democratic-leaning metropolitan areas with more than one million inhabitants and more Republican non-metropolitan areas in those states influence electoral and political outcomes in undecided states.

It also looks at how federal funds have been used to great effect and how Yucca Mountain - less than 160 kilometers from Las Vegas - has been blocked from becoming a nuclear waste landfill. Both Republican candidates were from Southern Nevada and won 4,000 votes ahead of Lombardo against underfunded candidates who were also from Las Vegas. When candidates fly to Las Vegas to campaign they land right next to the Strip at Harry Reid International Airport. In this series entitled “The New West” I will analyze why this change has lasted two decades and how it has redesigned the national political map and made White House elections more difficult. Cortez Masto's ability to surpass Sisolak in Washoe County and rural areas was partly due to her relationships she had developed outside of Las Vegas as a student at University of Nevada Reno during her stint as Governor Lee's chief of staff to discuss provisions of the bipartisan infrastructure bill that address chronic water scarcity in Las Vegas. The transformation of Las Vegas' political climate has been remarkable over the past two decades. This article will explore what has caused this shift from a Republican stronghold to a Democratic stronghold.

We will look at how immigration has impacted voter demographics, how federal funds have been used effectively in Nevada, and how Yucca Mountain has been blocked from becoming a nuclear waste landfill. We will also examine how Nikki Haley's presence at an event aimed at small business owners has influenced voter sentiment in Clark County. Finally, we will analyze how Cortez Masto's relationships with rural areas have helped her surpass Sisolak in Washoe County. This series entitled “The New West” will provide an in-depth look into why this transformation has occurred and how it has impacted national politics. It is an important topic that deserves further exploration.